how to

Here’s exactly how to use your new Jump Create Template.

How to import a Template

  1. Install WordPress, Elementor, and any plugins mentioned in product details
  2. Easily upload Template file to Elementor Library (WP Admin>Elementor>Library)
  3. Create Page and Edit With Elementor
  4. Choose from Template > My Library and select the Jump Create Template
  5. BONUS! Use the planning document to easily know what content you need.


Changing Fonts & Colors

Fonts and Color Styling can be done easily and quickly using the Elementor Global settings via Hamburger icon in the top left.

Be sure that you make Elementor color the fonts and colors.

You can do that by going to WP-Admin > Elementor > Settings > General Tab 

Uncheck ‘Disable Global Colors’ and ‘Disable Global Fonts’ 

Editing with Elementor

It would be a wasted effort to explain Elementor because there are so many great resources. Listed below are our personal favorites.

  • Elementor YouTube Channel – We highly recommend that you start from the beginning of their videos and watch all of them. After you watch them all you will become a master of Elementor…we promise.
  • Elementor Documentation – If you prefer to read, then this is the place. They are so helpful in explain things.
  • WPCrafter – This guy know his WordPress stuff. Super helpful youtube channel and courses. Great content and highly recommended.




One #jump closer to awesomeness!